Exam Portal


  1. Arranges a location and Proctor (approved Proctors are employees who do not work with the National Building Code), date and time to write the exam. Registers and pays for the exam on the NBBOA Website Portal. Confirm exam date with the Executive Assistant prior to registration. He/she must be available to provide Proctor codes (vacation times to consider).
    Registration of exams must be done 2 weeks prior to selected date.
  2. Send the name, and contact information of selected Proctor to NBBOA’s Executive Assistant at info@nbboa.ca


  1. Payment transaction receipt is sent to the student immediately by email, if receipt not received registration may not be complete. Verify registration with Executive Assistant at info@nbboa.ca
  2. Sends student registration email with the Access Code (typically a few days before the exam)
  3. Carbon copies (‘CC’) NBBOA’s Executive Assistant on the registration email with the proctor code

NBBOA provides the proctor code to the selected exam Proctor


  1. Writes the exam at the exam writing location (2 and Half hours limit), as was arranged with chosen Proctor. Must have a physical copy of the 2015 National Building Code, (no electronic version or cell phones used during exam).
  2. Enters the Access Code in link provided by Captus (the Proctor will enter the proctor code provided by NBBOA)

Once the codes are generated, they are not modifiable. However, they are valid for 30 days from the original scheduled writing date, so if a student missed the original scheduled time, they have 30 days to sign in their code and proctor code to write that exam.

ACBOA Captus immediately emails the exam results to the user and NBBOA (the permanent record holder).  Certificates are emailed to the successful user and NBBOA (the permanent record holder) within 24 hours of completion.