Maintenance Points

Certification Maintenance Program

All members of the Association who have attained CBO and BCQO Level 1, 2 or 3 designations are required to maintain their certification by continuing professional development throughout their career. All certified members are required to maintain certification effective January 1, 2001 or from the date of their most recent certification and shall:

  • Obtain thirty (30) learning credits/points of continuing education and professional credits every sixty (60) months.
  • When required, complete a code change course approved by the Association.

Notice of Motion regarding the approval of this document is on the agenda at the NBBOA Annual General Meeting, April 26, 2001.

Learning Credit/Points are accumulated through the following:

  • Technical Sessions at Annual Conference 1 Point per ½ Day
  • Any Technical Course or Seminar Recognized and
  • Approved by the Education/Certification Committee of the NBBOA
  • 2 Points/ Day
  • Courses offered by the NBBOA 2 Points/ Day
  • Code Change Courses Mandatory 2 Points/ Day
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting (Only) 2 Points
  • Member of the NBBOA Executive Committee 5 Points/Year
    (Must attend 2/3 of meetings)
  • Member of a Sub-Committee for the NBBOA 2 Points/Year (ie: Education, Publicity, Annual Conference, etc.)
  • A Course Facilitator 1 Point/Course Day (To a maximum of 5 points per course)
  • Member of a National Committee on Behalf of the NBBOA 3 Points/Year (ie: ACBOA, CHIBO, etc.)
  • Member of a Standing Committee/Task Group 10 Points/Year (ie: NRC, Code Development CSA, BSAC, etc.)
  • Work Experience in the enforcement of Building Codes/Regs. 2 Points/Year (Subject to review by the Education/Certification Committee)

It is the responsibility of each individual member to maintain his or her own records for certification maintenance. It is strongly recommended that you submit your records on an annual basis for review.