Exam Outlines

The NBBOA is now using exams from the International Code Council (ICC) for many of our core courses required for certification. The exams are based on the job tasks performed by a Level I, Level II, or Level III building official for the exam category involved in enforcing the provisions of the code and do not necessarily come from material covered in the accompanying course. Outlines of the exams are available below, that indicate what sections of the code questions will come from. If you will be taking an ICC exam, please make sure you review the appropriate exam outline and ensure you are familiar with the highlighted areas of the code.

Course Exam
The House
Building Envelope
Level I ‐ Building Envelope
The House
Health and Safety
Level I ‐ Health and Safety
Part 9 ‐ Small Buildings Level II ‐ HVAC and Fire
Level II ‐ Structural
Part 3 ‐ Large Buildings Level III ‐ Classifications & Construction
Level III ‐ Health and Safety
Level III ‐ Life Safety Systems
Part 3 ‐ Complex Buildings Level III ‐ Fire Protection